The establishment of Kiezebrink
Hanno Kiezebrink

The company Kiezebrink was established in 1990 as a result of a career switch by Hanno Kiezebrink. After 10 years of chick sexing, he started with the packaging and trade of cockerel chicks, used as animal nutrition. The high demand for frozen chicks among zoos and exotic animal holders made the start a great success. The European Unification in 1995 and the central location of the Netherlands within Europe were the basis of the steady growth of the company.

The avian influenza outbreak of 2003 and the resulting trade prohibition of poultry for 8 months highlighted the need for diversification. Therefore Kiezebrink started trading in rodents. By employing Michiel Derks in 2007 as a nutritionist, Kiezebrink further extended its assortment into zoo diets and the company has grown to be a leading supplier in exotic animal nutrition in Europe.

In 2008 Kiezebrink faced an increasing demand among its existing and new customers for frozen raw food for dogs and cats. A demand which perfectly fits with our philosophy of trying to replicate the natural diet of animals as closely as possible. With this new business we currently have a leading position in the European market.

Kiezebrink UK

Kiezebrink UK In 1999 Hanno took over the English company DA Poultry Products. This was the start of Kiezebrink UK (KUK). Apart from producing local day old chicks for the English market, KUK is a wholesaler of the products from the Dutch location of Kiezebrink. Since 2015 Alasdair Gordon has been made responsible for KUK. KUK’s aim is to further develop into being a leading supplier of nutrition for exotic animals and frozen products for dogs and cats in the English market. 
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