Corporate Social Responsibility

Kiezebrink has an active CSR-policy. Our core values are:

  1. Sustainability: Our primary activity is to transform unused and unutilised raw materials into valuable animal food.
  2. Product responsibility: In cooperation with universities and veterinarians, we carry out research and constantly work on improvements in order to produce healthy foods.
  3. Animal welfare: Animal welfare plays an important role in everything we do. For example, we have developed our own humane system for anesthetizing and killing chicks.
  4. Social responsibility: We believe that our employees make the company. Therefore we provide good working conditions which create a positive atmosphere. We try to offer equal opportunities for every employee. Therefore we find it important to involve people who've been previously disadvantaged in the labour market.
  5. Environment: Within the production process we invest in environmentally friendly techniques, water recirculation, electrical efficiency meters and green power.
  6. Active sponsorship policy: We run an active sponsorship policy, both commercially and socially. On a regular basis we sponsor conferences, lectures and meetings within the zoo world. On a local level, we support diverse events and initiatives. In addition, Kiezebrink also supports 'Stichting Etike'. This foundation is created by Hanno Kiezebrink and Kuma Kabare, one of our employees. The foundation supports unmarried teenage mothers in the Congo.

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