Kiezebrink is producer and wholesaler of a wide variety of animal foods including foods for birds of prey, reptiles, zoo animals, dogs and cats. We supply our products to individuals, wholesalers, zoos, animal sanctuaries and various distributors around Europe.

Over the past 25 years Kiezebrink has been diversifying in several specialisms; nutrition for birds of prey, reptiles, zoo animals, dogs and cats. We are constantly innovating, developing and assuring the quality of our products. Conversations with our customers and suppliers form the basis for this quality. With our broad assortment of frozen food and dry food, we offer a one-stop shopping facility. We find it  important that animals are fed with food that resembles their natural diet as closely as possible. This perfectly fits our slogan 'Focus on Food'.

Kiezebrink works accordingly to the European law and regulation EU 1069/2009. The company uses three locations in Putten which all have the required certification for storing, processing and transportation of Cat. 2 & 3 animal by-products.

Management Team

Between 1990 and 2011 the management was in the hands of Hanno Kiezebrink. In 2012, Michiel Derks joined the management team and became co-owner. Since 2015, Martijn den Blijker and Jannicke Kiezebrink, Hanno’s daughter, have also become active in the management team.

Kiezebrink Directie

Kiezebrink team

Kiezebrink consists of a team of enthusiastic people who are ready to help you. Please let us know what we can do for you!                                                                                                 

Kiezebrink Team

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