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SPF Rodents

SPF stands for Specific Pathogen Free. A pathogen is a disease-causing microorganism (bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite). Animals that are SPF bred, are guaranteed not to be a carrier of these pathogens. Breeding SPF rodents is a complex and accurate process. The animals are bred, born, reared and maintained in environments which prevent exposure to or transmission of pathogens. The feed that they get is sterilized and the air they breathe is filtered. Anything that gets in to contact with the animals is guaranteed free of these specific pathogens.

SPF Rodents have the advantage that they don't carry pathogens that could infect your pet. They are also free of pathogens that could disease humans. You and your pet are not at risk!

Commercially bred rodents, from Eastern Europe and the US, have frequently been in the news. There were some outbreaks of salmonella and cowpox caused by these rodents. These risks are nonexistent with SPF rodents.


SPF Rodents are identified with the green label on the packaging.

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