Birds of prey

In general, birds of prey and owls hunt for a wide variety of prey items. Depending on the bird species, prey items like other birds, small mammals, fish, reptiles, insects and amphibians can be consumed.

For falconers and zookeepers it is important to know the natural diet of their birds. It’s a challenge to replicate this natural diet pattern as closely as possible.

For extensive nutritional advice on responsible feeding of birds of prey and owls, please find more information in our knowlegdebase (article: Feeding of Birds of Prey). Here you can also find more information on the various frozen and dry food prey items.

Product Information

Good nutrition in birds is of great importance. Michiel Derks, nutritionist at Kiezebrink, has together with veterinarian Frank Verstappen and animal nutrition expert Joeke Nijboer developed a booklet containing a lot of information on the responsible feeding of birds of prey and owls. This useful booklet can be ordered online in our web shop and in the wholesale catalogue.

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