We are constantly trying to replicate the natural diet of wild and domestic animals. The digestive system of dogs and cats is not that different from that of wolves and wild cats. These carnivorous pets can thrive on a diets made of 100% animal products. The feeding of raw meat products has increased in popularity during the recent years and within Kiezebrink the production of these products has grown into the biggest part of the company.

Along with our own products we produce private labels for various national and international customers.

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Additional animal nutrition
We work with 40 to 50 different animal parts from species such as chicken, duck, turkey, ox, lamb, horse, rabbit and fish. Most of these parts are either sold whole or minced. In addition we produce pure minced meats or a mixture of different parts or species. The minced products are packaged as a sausage and the non-minced products are packaged in vacuum bags.

No products are supplemented with pre-mixes of vitamins or minerals. This makes no single product by itself a complete diet, but only part of an animal’s nutritional requirements. By feeding various animal parts and species in the correct proportion, a complete diet can be composed. To achieve this having some nutritional knowledge is important. You can find more information about the composition of a healthy meal in our knowlegdebase.

Alaska Natural Dogfood
The composition of Alaska flavours is based on the BARF-method (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food): 55% meat, 15% bone, 15% organ meats and 15% vegetables. Alaska Natural Dogfood is free of synthetic vitamins, mineral pre-mixes, odorants, dyes, artificial flavours and preservatives. Alaska Natural Dogfood is free of animal testing. More information and product analyses can be found on

Assortiment Alaska

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26 maart 2020

New: DK Carnivore sausage

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