Many reptile species are carnivorous. These species in the wild eat other animals in order to fulfil their nutrition requirements. Kiezebrink supplies a broad selection of frozen prey food in various sizes in order to feed carnivorous reptiles in an appropriate way. We sell various rodents, rabbits, poultry, fish and insects as reptile food items. For omnivorous and herbivorous reptiles we provide dry food and frozen fruit.

The frozen prey items are available in various quantities and packages: bulk (10kg) or ziplock bags for smaller quantities. In addition we have developed a special Blijkie eco-line for pet shops. This Blijkie line is a special hygienic packaging line aimed at the end consumer (for more information: Blijkie packaging line).

Frozen Rodents

Kiezebrink supplies a broad selection of rats and mice sizes. These range from a baby mouse (2g) to a jumbo mouse (45g) and from a baby rat (8g) to an extra jumbo rat (>350g). These rodents are sourced from two different production methods.

SPF production
Animals that are SPF are guaranteed free of a whole set of pathogens. You can find more information in our knowlegdebase (article: SPF Rodents).

Commercial production
These animals are especially produced for us on rodent farms. These farms are under veterinary control and are also visited by us on a regular basis in order to guarantee the quality.

SPF Rodents

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26 maart 2020

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