Kiezebrink believes in providing a European operating one-stop-shop facility for zoos offering them a wide variety of high-quality products and brands. In this way, zoos can source the majority of their animal diets from one supplier. This makes the management of animal nutrition efficient and keeps it simple. We offer a wide range of both frozen and dry food products. Orders are delivered regularly with our own refrigerated transport, or can be delivered by commercial transport companies.

We want to profile ourselves as an ideal animal diet partner for zoos. We also like to cooperate with our partners in solving nutrition related problems.

Product Information

With an extensive range of frozen animal food we offer a lot of possibilities for variations in the diets of carnivorous animals. Apart from whole prey items, meat, fish and insects we also offer frozen tropical fruit and browse.

By cooperating with various worldwide leading producers of dry foods we are able to supply some of the most respected brands. Click on the logo above for more information about these brands.

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23 november 2017

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